Wherever people gather OPE characters can be relied upon to open up a fun and unexpected perspective on environmental and sustainability issues with their colourful themed costumes, witty skits and ditties, and their interactive games and presentations. We are at our busiest during spring and early autumn when we return year after year to rove at community festivals (click here for list).

Kerbside Kev playing Litter-Ring's not 'dropping your rubbish on the ground!'’s 'getting it through the ring and into the right bin!'


Launches of Public Place Recycling and Butt Bins, anti-litter campaigns on city streets and sports grounds, waterwise gardening expos… these are just some of the many events that see us out in the open air energetically engaging folk in the ways they can support the environment that supports them.

Russlyn Bagg scores another goal for recycling at Don’t Waste Footy


We are also often in demand at awards ceremonies, policy and media launches and Christmas functions where our ability to fuse sharp satire with belly-laugh, interactive showmanship leaves clear, tailored sustainability messages on the palates of a well entertained crowd.

Destiny le Tan is crowned Miss Understanding 2008
at a Melbourne Waste Wise Business Network event

Some characters that attend community events are Kerbside Kev & Russlyn Bagg; Countess Compost & Gazza Garbage; Cloudia Raindrop, Katya Konsumption and Littl PET & Robin Wood amongst others.