Countess Compost and Gazza Garbage


Theme: Recycling & Composting
Audience: Performance and roaming theatre for all types of community audiences.
Roving: $400+GST for a pair per hour (min 3 hour call). Performance and skits: price on application

Countess Compost knows all about organic waste and loves to entertain children and adults with her knowledge of all things rotting. As a titled lady she is used to ordering people around a little, but once she airs her pasion for the wellbeing of all living things no -one seems to mind her hoity-toity ways.

She can often be seen with the hapless Gazza Garbage in tow whom she has taken it upon herself to reform - not before holding an example to other wayward wasters! Gazza's good at getting stuff in the bin but not so good at knowing which bin is which. Oh, the terrible anguish and gnashing of teeth that he sparks in the Countess whenever she discovers that he has doomed some precious banana peel to the woeful fate of LANDFILL!

Notable society functions that Countess Compost has graced with her presence include the RACV home show - where she shared the stage with an enamoured Vasili Kanidiadis - and the EPA's HazWaste Expo where she explored with Gazza Garbage the unsavoury contaminations awaiting those who are not sensible in the disposal of their more hazardous wastes.