You’ve converted me! I’m now constantly finding new ways to reduce paper use.” Melbourne Water employee

Since taking over Our Planet Enterprises Will Tait and Jodie Ahrens have taken a special pleasure in turning their satirical eye to unwrapping and subverting the more complex issues of sustainability for mature audiences. This has largely taken the form of specially crafted skits for sustainability sector conferences, AGMs, training events and Christmas gatherings.

In February 2008 we were approached by Melbourne Water to create an unannounced piece of intervention theatre that would burst onto office floors of the organisation’s East Melbourne sites and create awareness and enthusiasm for their in-house paper reduction strategy. One of the many successful outcomes of 'The Paper Beast' campaign was Melbourne Water’s achievement of its paper reduction target for the 07/08 financial year. (Click here to read an article on the performances from the 07/08 edition of awareness magazine).

This relationship has given us a galvanizing experience of how our work can help inspire institutional change when we have the opportunity to engage employees in their own organisation's well-thought-out, practical sustainability program with appropriate reporting, targets and rewards. It has also given birth to an ongoing relationship with the Melbourne Water Sustainability team who have since engaged us to create “The Sustainabilty Olympics” to promote their sustainability KPIs for 08/09 including new targets for waste, water and energy reduction. (View the Sustainability Olympics skit here)

Through this work with Melbourne Water we have experienced the enthusiastic shift in workplace engagement towards sustainable resource management that can take place when people can grasp the powerful and rewarding changes they can make through small ongoing actions. We now look forward to working with other organisations that are integrating reporting, targets and rewards into their sustainability programs to help spur such change in their workplaces with our unconventional but stimulating approach.

Special Events

At award ceremonies, media and campaign launches, staff and client soirees our characters warm the crowd discreetly - roving to small groups with humourous surveys and other topical antics - before taking to the stage with a brief, pithy, irreverent and, most importantly, memorable presentation to either open or round off official proceedings. All of our work for corporate functions is tailored to shed pertinent and amusing light on particular issues the client wishes to highlight.

Destiny le Tan demonstrates the animal instincts that underlie human behaviour for attendees of Melbourne Waste Wise Business Network's end of year gathering 2008.