The Paper Beast


Theme: Paper and waste reduction
Audience: All levels and types of workplaces
Cost: negotiated on specific requirements

March 11 2008 10am. Secretly hired by Melbourne Water's sustainability team the striking figure of Ringmaster Henry bursts unannounced the East Melbourne offices crying

"Feed the Beast!"

The ‘beast' - grunting from within its chained box and released with considerable anguish - is revealed to be... ...just your average office worker (with an insatiable appetite for paper!)

Having gathered a bemused but attentive crowd the comic pair went on to highlight ways barriers and potentials faced by Melbourne Water employees on their personal and communal journeys towards paper reduction.

Tailored to individual clients, performances such as these are most effective when organizations put the necessary strategies and enablers in place that allow dynamised employees to respond with fresh sustainable habits. In Melbourne Water's case ‘The Beast' was seen by the CEO as deciding factor in the organisation's achievement of their 07/08 paper reduction targets.

"Melbourne Water has been trying to get this information through to employees for some time now. With this performance the messages have penetrated in a way previous approaches haven't managed to"
Rebecca Connell, Sustainability Coordinator, Melbourne Water