Welcome to Our Planet Enterprises

Our mission: to spark engagement in sustainability issues and programs by connecting schools, communities and workplaces to practical ideas and resources through fun, memorable, interactive performance.

Connecting with teachers and children, business owners and employees, government officers, environmental practitioners, festival-goers and unsuspecting shoppers, Our Planet Enterprises nurtures and draws on the uniting principle that is now beginning to stimulate a broadstream embrace of the principles of sustainabililty.

Presenting information that is often overwhelming, in manner that inspires ownership and action, requires a light touch. OPE performers achieve this with quirky humour, engrossing games and cheeky surveys that celebrate the human being as a mixture of failings and potentials rather than pointing the blame. Once empowered by playfulness our audiences are more able to digest and make a positive response to the ideas and information we present, be that the social and environmental impacts of their consumption or the habits, attitudes and activities people can embrace to make a positive change.


Full of action, humour and colour our school shows bring to life key, simple environmental issues and leave students with vivid and lasting memories. Often they don't even realize that they have been learning in the process!


Eye-catching and energetic, our characters draw festival goers and attendees of special events into their amusing games and surveys that serve jovially to remind people of the important things they already know (or do they?!) about sustainability.


With a satirical eye, we unwrap the more complex issues of sustainability for mature, working audiences - crafting skits that activate in-house resource-use strategies or grace corporate functions with action-provoking wit.


Putting sustainability’s connecting principle into action, we enjoy developing partnerships with councils, businesses, government departments, NGOs and educational institutions, enabling our work to spark enthusiasm that can flow directly into sustainable action and capacity building.