The OPE Model

Since taking over OPE in 2003 directors Will Tait and Jodie Ahrens have developed strong relationships with a wide range of sustainability practitioners. Through their other theatre venture Roundangle they have established a network of high calibre theatremakers which they often draw upon for OPE projects. Sourced by these two streams of expertise in sustainability and theatremaking OPE have now begun to formalize a model which will underpin the generation all of their work in years to come:


The Knowledge

In 2009 Our Planet Enterprises will start establishing a pool of sustainability advisors from education, business, science, sociology, community health, government and other sectors. Initially consisting of key individuals who have influenced the sustainability paths of Will Tait and Jodie Ahrens, this body of expertise will be gathered to brainstorm the design and delivery of both OPE projects and specific strategies and policies that we put in place to develop our work as a whole.

The Dreaming

In the meantime we will continue to develop our creative team to ensure that the rich stream of information and insights from our 'Knowledge' is dreamt into performance that captivates and transports our audiences whilst taking them on a journey of expanding awareness and connection.

The Ground

The role of our performers will take on a greater level of stewardship. Guiding audiences, organisations and communities to resources whilst absorbing reactions, trends and developments to feedback into the creative process.

The Loop

By developing systems that gather useful insights from 'The Ground' and and process this learning both back into the creation of work and back out to our pool of advisors, we forsee the creation of a positive feedback loop that hones the ability of Our Planet Enterprises as a whole to discern, digest and disseminate the sustainability story whose unfolding will ensure our continued existence on this beautiful planet.