Kerbside Kev & Russlyn Bagg


Theme: Waste reduction and management
Audience: Performance and roaming theatre for all types of community audiences.
Cost: Roving: $400+GST for a pair per hour (min 3 hour call). Performance and skits: price on application

Kev and Russlyn first stepped onto the streets of Melbourne in January 2005 in the CBD to support the City of Melbourne's anti-litter campaign.

Russlyn's delightful outfit sports an array of common litter items: plastic bottles, plastic bags, drink cartons etc. This makes her a highly visual reminder that many of the things we discard are actually resources that can be recycled and used again.

Kev and Russlyn invite you to play ‘Litter-Ring' - that's not leaving your litter on the ground, but getting it through the ring and into the bin where it belongs (and if it can be recycled, then it's gotta go in the right bin!).

If you miss the bin your litter doesn't just hang around, the moment it rains it takes a trip to the sea, as Kev and Russlyn are only to keen to explain...

...Drawing volunteers from the crowd to be their stormwater grate ("doesn't she look ‘grate' everyone!"), river and Port Phillip Bay, the waste-wise pair rattle off the madcap journey of three litter items from the streets through the waterways in the form of a horse race. As the waste enters the bay they stop they launch into their closing rap, breakin' down how easy it is to get litter into the right bin.