Littl PET and Robin Wood


Theme: Recycling & waste management
Audience: Performance and roaming theatre for all types of community audiences.
Cost: Performance and skits, price on application

Littl PET is a lemonade bottle fresh from the shelves of the local supermarket. Being bought and drained of her contents was quite a whirl, she wants to have another go but doesn't realise that only the lucky bottles that get recycled get to go around again and again and again and ag...

Dumped on the ground (not even in a bin!) she meets Robin Wood - a scrap of newspaper who still remembers his first days as a woodchip. Robin Wood is trying to make it off the street into a recycling bin where he can start afresh. He warns a wide-eyed Littl PET of the possible fates that await her: swept by wind and rain into the oceans, or worse, that grim place of no return: LANDFILL. Together the two figure out that the more people they can get to recycle the more chance that they and their kind will keep in the loop of full-term employment!