Compost Cake


Characters: Garbo Solo and Katya Konsumption
Theme: Recycling and Waste Reduction - (50 minutes)
Audience: Schools grades 3-6. All types of community audiences
Cost: Schools $5+GST/child (min audience 130) + $0.73+GST/km (Roundtrip from Pascoe Vale South)
Festivals: Community roving $400+GST for the pair, per hour (min 3 hour call) + $0.73+GST/km (Roundtrip from Pascoe Vale South). Performance and skits: price on application.

There's a terrible smell in the air and it's keeping Katya Konsumption awake at night. Unable to sleep she begins to worry about her wierd next door neighbour Mr Hyde. Last time he was in town he made a waste monster that nearly took over the world... and he's coming home in the morning!!! 

When she finally drifts off in her sleep she is visited in her dreams by our Intergalactic Resource-Recovery Hero: Garbo Solo.  He tells her a strange story about the importance of recycling your vegetables...?! But none of it makes any sense when she finally wakes in the morning to the sound of the recycling truck - and she's forgotten to put her bins out!!!

Rushing out into the street she bumps into Mr Hyde. He's acting strangely NICE for an evil Waste-Monster-Making No-Gooder. What's he got up his sleeve? (or in his bin for that matter!) Is he the source of that super-rotten pong? And will Katya discover the strange truth about recycling vegetables???

Compost Cake premiered during Children's Week at Hawthorn Town Hall on 25th October 2009 as part of Boroondara's Concert Series.