Cloudia Raindrop and Friends


Theme: Water Cycle and Water Conservation (50 mins)
Audience: School Grades P-4 (5/6s enjoy it as part of an audience with these grades) and all types of community audiences
Cost: Schools $5.50+GST/child (min audience 130) + $0.83+GST/km (Roundtrip from Pascoe Vale South) lyric sheets and mp3s of songs available.

Cloudia Raindrop has drawn over 80,000 children into her fun world of water since she started touring schools as part of Yarra Valley Water’s education program in 1999. The show’s special blend of time-tested pantomime slapstick and audience interaction brings to life key, simple facts about the water cycle and water saving habits in 3 vignettes.

Vignette 1: Cloudia opens the show with her friend Stinkin’ Hot Sun. Her constant movement through evaporation, condensation and precipitation (via a polluted river that needs some TLC) makes Stinky quite dizzy. Teasing Cloudia to get his own back unleashes her floodwaters in quite a disastrous way, Stinky goes for a sizzle in response and before they know it the pair are looking out over a burnt desert…

Vignette 2: Gnomee the Gnome is made of stone and can’t do anything about all the water wasting he has to witness from his perch in the garden, until he meets Spongee the Sponge and learns the difference between Dripheads and Plugheads.

Vignette 3: Professor Widdle Piddle and her assistant Xavier Waters find out how to “Plug it up” with the help of 2 teams of volunteers in the closing quiz.


"It was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sure it will be effective in understanding the importance of using water wisely."
Teacher at St Brendan's - Shepparton