The Sustainables


Characters: Sam, Lemony, Solaris & Hydra Sustainable
Theme: Sustainable Living (50 mins)
Grades: 3-6 (Suitable for some grade 7/8s)
Currently only available to schools on the Sustainables Challenge Program

Hydra and Solaris Sustainable think they’ve got it covered when a letter arrives inviting them to take ‘The Sustainables Live Challenge: Prove on camera that you can commit to the 10 sustainable actions that will save the planet and you could win your own reality TV show!’ “We do that sort of stuff all the time!” But then they realise the letter was meant for Mum and Dad, and they are going to be observed by the world’s first nanobot fly surveillance unit (called Nigel!) and what with all the pretending they are something they’re not and the desire to get on TV, they end up pulling off some pretty unsustainable behaviour…

Will that bath overflow? Was that Nigel that mum just squashed or just another fly? And most importantly, will they save the day?


"I thoroughly enjoyed the show. All the themes were presented well to the children. A wonderful way to tune our children into the whole concept of sustainability. A show worth watching and having in a school curriculum."

Manuela Watson St Mark’s Primary School